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FIU, Local Police Force conduct joint operation in Kingstown

FIU, Local Police Force conduct joint operation in Kingstown


Rowdy civilians, slow traffic, blaring horns, high-powered M16 rifles, and a strong police presence were all part of the scene outside the Windward Bus Terminal on Wednesday afternoon, as local law authorities swarmed the P.H. Veira building on Bay Street.{{more}}

Searchlight has learned that one of that company’s employees was questioned in the operation, which is part of an ongoing investigation by the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) and the local police force.

The operation on Bay Street involved over a dozen police officers, some of whom were in camouflage attire and blended with the environment as they hid between some of the small trees planted in the area.

A second businessman, an employee of St. Vincent Sales and Services Ltd, Searchlight understands, was also questioned on Wednesday.

On April 5th, the FIU led a joint operation with support from the coast guard and the police force in which it seized approximately EC$4.3 million that was aboard the yacht Jo’tobin.

Winston Robinson, a 65-year-old retired sailor of Bermuda and Kenneth Andrews, a 38-year-old seaman of Trinidad and Tobago were arrested and jointly charged for, among other offences, concealing on the yacht Jo’tobin, US$1.6 million, “which is whole or part of proceeds of criminal conduct at Calliaqua”.

Robinson and Andrews appeared at the Serious Offences Court on April 8th and pleaded not guilty to the charges. The matter has been adjourned to June 16th.