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Young mother hacked

Young mother hacked


Some may call it a crime of passion. Some may say it was a gruesome death. But whatever it is, St Vincent and the Grenadines has recorded its fifth homicide for the year.{{more}}

Dead is 21-year-old Marcia Agatha Quammie, of Questelles, who was found lying dead in a pool of blood, with multiple chop wounds about her body last Saturday morning.

Shouts of “hang him”, “they should kill dem kinda man deh” were being vented by angry villagers who assembled around the cordoned off area of the crime scene.

According to a release from the police, at about 9:30 a.m., Quammie and her common law husband “had an altercation, which resulted in several chops being inflicted on Quammie.”

On arrival at the scene, police found Quammie’s young child crying in the one room hut where she lived.

Quammie was pronounced dead on the spot by the District Medical Officer.

Meanwhile, Marcia’s mother Luvina Quammie said that her daughter did not deserve to die in that manner. The sadness heard in Quammie’s voice quickly transformed into a tone of anger. “I feel real sad. I want the man who kill my daughter dead. I want he get hang. He ain’t suppose to be alive.”

The grieving mother of four said her second child was a cool and calm individual who never got into altercations with other people. Affectionately called “Blackie” by her family circle, Luvina said that Marcia, originally from Belair, went to live with her boyfriend in Questelles after her sister moved to Canada. Luvina told SEARCHLIGHT she was aware that her daughter and boyfriend had a rocky relationship, but Marcia never complained to anyone about it.

Quammie further added that on the same Saturday morning before the chapter closed on Marcia’s life, she (Marcia) was at her sister’s home in Carriere with her young daughter when her boyfriend came to the house and told Marcia that their other child was sick and that he needed to go to the hospital. Luvina said that Marcia did not want to go with him, but he insisted that she go back to Questelles with him. “I can’t understand why my daughter never complained about anything that was going on. All she did when you ask her something was smile,” Luvina cried.

Marcia’s aunt Rose Wilson said she fell to the ground when she heard that her niece had been killed. Wilson described Quammie as a gentle person who never said much. She said her niece did not deserve to die that way.

Charlene Abbott, cousin of the deceased, said that she noticed Marcia was acting strangely the morning of her death. “All I heard Blackie say is “Remember me and come visit me down hospital,” Charlene recounted.

Rudolph Lewis, 28, of Questelles, is currently assisting the police with their investigations.