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Spring Village woman still missing

Spring Village woman still missing


“She dead. She dead. I know she dead. If I get the body, I satisfy, but until I get something (as proof) me can’t give up.”{{more}}

As Marsden Ashton tried to maintain his composure, the emotions he was feeling were evident in his every word, every move.

His daughter Monifer has disappeared without a trace and he is sure that she will not be returning.

On March 8th, Monifer was last seen by her niece, to whom she gave the cell phone she was using, two phone cards and a tin of Pringles potato chips for her children before she vanished into thin air.

Marsden, (photo below) who visited Searchlight’s office on Wednesday, believes that his daughter came to harm the night she disappeared and believes that people close to her know what happened.

According to Ashton, Monifer had related to her mother Hermina that day that the father of her two children (three-year-old Ronice and two-year-old Kelis) had promised her a cell phone and money for the children. She was supposed to meet with him that night.

When she had not returned home the following day, her parents thought that she was with her boyfriend, but when she did not call they became worried.

“She don’t leave home and spend two days without calling and finding out how she kids is doing, because she love her kids very much.”

A visit by Hermina to Barrouallie where Monifer’s boyfriend resides on Monday, March 10, turned up nothing, and searches in her community of Spring Village were just as fruitless.

At the time Monifer disappeared, she was dressed in a white t-shirt, blue jeans and a pair of slippers.

Ashton said that he is finding the disappearance of his only daughter hard to bear, since she was never disrespectful to him or her mother. He also finds her children’s cries at night asking when their mother will be coming home especially hard to bear.

“I know she not coming back, but I not giving up.” Ashton lamented. “I have to know how my daughter dead.”

“It have people in the village who say they saw the guy on Saturday night but they afraid to come forward to the police. People scared to come forward,” he said.

Meanwhile, police are clueless as to what happened to Monifer.

Although persons have been taken up for questioning, at press time no arrest had been made.

They are, however, confident that they will solve the case.

The police are asking anyone with information to come forward.

Monifer is five feet tall, of slim build, with long braided hair.