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Top drug squad officer gets death threat


The life of top drug squad police officer, Sergeant Foster Scott, has been threatened, and Commissioner of Police (COP) Keith Miller says the police force is taking the threat personally.{{more}}

“The threat is levied against the nine hundred strong force,” said a resolute Miller at a Press conference last Monday.

COP Miller told reporters that he received a letter last week from a concerned citizen in Union Island, who overheard a conversation involving someone (name given) who claimed that “Sergeant Scott was getting in their way,” Miller said.

Scott has been part of the recently stationed Rapid Response Unit in Union Island, and Miller suggested that the RRU’s presence has been causing some disturbance to the underworld there.

Miller said that he has launched an investigation into the threat, and warned drug offenders: “If you don’t want (Sergeant) Scott on your back, stop it (dealing drugs).”

For his part, Prime Minister and Minister of National Security Dr Ralph Gonsalves said that drug traffickers are being emboldened by what they see happening in other Caribbean islands.

He made reference to islands like Jamaica, Guyana and Trinidad and Tobago, where police officers have been attacked and even killed by criminal elements.

“I will be resolute,” Dr Gonsalves said, echoing the sentiments of COP Miller. (KJ)