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Human Rights PR Officer attacks journalist

Human Rights PR Officer attacks journalist


A young journalist was attacked by the Public Relations and Education and Training Officer of the St Vincent and the Grenadines Human Rights Association, Jeanie Ollivierre, last Tuesday, outside the High Court.{{more}}

Viclene Matthews, a SEARCHLIGHT junior reporter, said that she was terrified when, while on duty at the High Court, Ollivierre threatened to “mash in” her face and “mash up” her camera.

“I felt like the lady was really going to hit me,” said Matthews, as she recalled the encounter with Ollivierre.

Matthews, along with senior reporter Kirby Jackson, went to the High Court, where Justice Gertel Thom was delivering her judgment on whether the decision of Director of Public Prosecutor (DPP) Colin Williams to wholly discontinue the rape case against Dr Gonsalves would be reviewed.

When the court adjourned, after Justice Thom ruled in the DPP’s favour, Ollivierre was accompanying Dr Gonsalves’ accuser out of court.

Apparently assuming that Matthews was going to take pictures of the woman (Dr Gonsalves’ accuser), she began to shout at Matthews, pointing her hands in her face, and issuing the threats to Matthew’s person and equipment.

“Kirby (Jackson) had to intervene on my behalf,” said Matthews, as she explained how Jackson had to step between her and Ollivierre, warning off Ollivierre.

As Ollivierre passed by, shielding the alleged victim’s face, she motioned to grab at Matthew’s camera.

In the ongoing coverage of the story of the alleged rape, SEARCHLIGHT has never used the accuser’s name or any photograph that could be used to identify her.