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Bernard says Blues Fest 2008 a huge success!

Bernard says Blues Fest 2008 a huge success!


Early projections by the Ministry of Tourism, Youth and Sport, indicate that the 2008 Blues and Rhythms Festival has lived up to expectations, despite criticisms of late promotions.{{more}}

The two-day event which took place at the Emerald Valley Casino last Friday and Saturday was considered a success, although all figures have not yet been calculated.

Chairperson of the Blues and Rhythms Committee Vida Bernard said on Tuesday that challenges on what was perceived to be a late start to the promotion of the festival were unheralded, since promotions for the event had started months ago overseas.

Bernard, also the Director of Tourism here, stated that there was quite a significant number of persons visiting from the region and wider afield, who made up a good percentage of the persons who witnessed performances by the local, regional and international acts.

Being conservative, Bernard estimated that approximately 3,500- 4,000 persons attended the event which was held at that venue for the second time, but she expects that the final tally could be more.

She said that a meeting by the organizing committee next week will look at plans for next year’s event, which she hopes will be just as entertaining.

Bernard expressed gratitude to the public for patronizing the event and was in high praise for the organizing committee.