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Senator Cummings loses round four

Senator Cummings loses round four


In the battle between Opposition Senator Daniel Cummings and Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves, round four, as did all the previous rounds, goes to Dr Gonsalves!{{more}}

Last Monday, February 11, the Court of Appeal denied Senator Cummings’ request for leave to appeal three previous judgments in the defamation case that was brought against him by Dr Gonsalves and ordered that costs be paid in the sum of $1000.

The case stems from statements made by Cummings on Nice Radio on June 9, 2006, when he made reference to Dr Gonsalves’ overseas travel with his wife and children.

Dr Gonsalves alleged that the words spoken by Cummings implied that he had, among other things, misbehaved in public office, and misused public funds for payment of his children’s overseas travel.

Master Cheryl Mathurin ruled on June 15, 2007 that the words used by Cummings were capable of being defamatory. She also ordered that costs of $1,500 be paid to Dr Gonsalves.

Then Justice Frederick Bruce-Lyle ruled on November 30, 2007 that the defendant’s application to appeal Master Mathurin’s decision was “an exercise in frivolity and a blatant abuse of the court’s process.”

In round three of the battle, His Lordship Justice Errol Thomas upheld the two previous decisions and ordered costs of $500 to be paid.

Now in the latest round, the full Court of Appeal again declined Cummings’ request.

Speaking to SEARCHLIGHT yesterday, Attorney Emery Robertson, who appears for Cummings along with his (Cummings’) wife Sharon Morris-Cummings said that the battle was far from over.