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Eustace: Elder Frederick does not speak on behalf of NDP

Eustace: Elder Frederick does not speak on behalf of NDP



Leader of the Opposition Arnhim Eustace has moved quickly to distance himself and his New Democratic Party from controversial statements made on Friday, February 1st, by veteran lawyer Bayliss Frederick on the New Democratic Party (NDP) sponsored radio programme New Times.{{more}}

“Now it will shock the accused man (Dr Ralph Gonsalves) to know that the evidence that the police has is what forced me to call Mr. Campbell…and told him that they are going to arrest the Prime Minister, and the best thing if he could

do is to advise him either commit suicide or resign,” Frederick said on the popular daytime programme, aired on Nice Radio.

“If he resigns, then we can put in place certain provisions, certain actions as to prevent the girl from pursuing her report. That is if he resigns,” Frederick, who is the father of NDP’s PRO Vynnette Frederick, also said.

During a press conference last Tuesday, Dr Gonsalves pointed to this statement by Frederick as evidence that the accusations of rape made against him by a policewoman were politically motivated.

However, Eustace said that the elder Frederick does not speak on the behalf of the NDP.

“We have no interest in the death of the Prime Minister,” Eustace said.

He reiterated his party’s position, however, that the Prime Minister should step aside and face a trial for the alleged rape.

The Director of Public Prosecutions, after reviewing the evidence in the case, decided to takeover and “wholly discontinue” the matter against the Prime Minister.

Lawyers for the accuser have, however, since filed a civil assault case against the Prime Minister. (KJ)