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Commissioner Miller: I did nothing wrong!

Commissioner Miller: I did nothing wrong!



Commissioner of Police Keith Miller has rubbished the suggestion that he was unprofessional in his dealings with the female officer who accused the Prime Minister of raping her.{{more}}

“If an inquiry is done, it will reveal that Keith Miller acted correctly,” COP Miller said, in an interview with SEARCHLIGHT last Wednesday.

COP Miller said that he did not try to silence the complainant in any way, and isn’t afraid of any recording that the accuser or her legal team may have of his conversations with her.

“Bring the tapes. I have nothing to hide,” COP Miller said, adding that once the recordings have not been doctored, he is sure that his professionalism cannot be questioned by them.

He, however, warned that he plans to investigate the matter of such recordings, because as a police officer, the accuser was in breach of her code of conduct, if she had in fact secretly taped the conversations she had with him.

Miller explained that the accuser was one of seven police officers who were reassigned to the police force on September 17th, 2007, after serving in the Immigration Department. He said that she wanted to be assigned to the Rapid Response Unit (RRU), but was instead assigned to the Special Services Unit (SSU), because of an immediate shortage that existed.

While he said that he could not go into the details of the conversations he had with her, the COP said that she changed her story several times during the meetings he had with her and her mother.

He did say, however, that she had said that she wanted a transfer from working at the Prime Minister’s residence.

As to why a statement wasn’t taken from her about the matter that she reported, Miller said that she was not interviewed, but was told to put her accusations in writing.

“We only take a written statement from a police officer if they are accused,” Miller said.

The rumour-mill says that Miller offered to carry the alleged victim to see the Prime Minister, a claim that he stoutly denies.

“I would be out of order to send her or take her to see the Prime Minister,” Miller said.

He said that it was in fact the alleged victim’s mother who insisted at every turn that a meeting be set up with the Prime Minister.

Miller confirmed that his deputy, Bertram Pompey, spearheaded an investigation in the matter and a report was sent to the DPP.

Miller also said that the talk about him offering vacation or opportunities to study to the alleged victim was being misrepresented.

He said that the alleged victim said that she was not in a frame of mind to go back to work and needed more time to rest.

Miller insisted that it was in his capacity as her superior that he advised her to take a vacation. He said that she told him that she did not have much vacation remaining.

“I told her that she could apply for leave in advance,” Miller said.

When she said she couldn’t afford a vacation, he said he suggested that she check the police credit union.

As for studying, Miller said that the officer asked if she could be sent to work somewhere where she could get to attend evening classes.

Miller also told SEARCHLIGHT that usually for meetings of the type he had with the alleged victim, other senior officers would have been invited to sit in. However, she requested a private meeting.

Meanwhile, in another twist on Wednesday, lawyers for the female officer filed a civil assault case in the High Court.