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Bullet narrowly misses teen ironing uniform

Bullet narrowly misses teen ironing uniform


A Chateaubelair family was severely traumatized when a bullet entered a bedroom window of their home narrowly missing a teenager who was ironing her school uniform.{{more}}

The incident occurred on Wednesday evening around 9 p.m. at Barracks Village in Chateaubelair. Norma Marshall told SEARCHLIGHT that the most of the family was gathered in the living room watching 20/20 cricket on television when two gun shots rang out. Marshall said that one of her granddaughters, who was outside ran into the house saying that the police were shooting outside, while her other granddaughter ran out of the bedroom saying that a bullet had come through the bedroom window and had fallen on the bodice she was ironing. “All now I’m still shaken up”, Marshall said. “Thank God no one was hurt”.

The 14-year-old Bishop’s College student who was ironing in the bedroom said that it was a scary experience and that she is lucky that she wasn’t shot. The police, who had already left the scene, were called and when they arrived, they removed the spent bullet from the house.