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Another young man dies in hail of gunfire

Another young man dies in hail of gunfire


Losing one’s child is never an easy pill to swallow. Imagine losing two of them by way of the bullet.

This is exactly what the mother of slain youth Helair “Not Nice” Cuffy is experiencing right now.{{more}}

Judy Stapleton lost her second son last Sunday morning when a bullet pierced his back and came out through his chest.

Stapleton, the mother of three boys, said that she was sleeping when she heard the gunshots. “All I heard was bow bow! Then I got up and peeped out the window to see what was happening, and the same time the boy tell me ‘Not Nice’ now get shot,” She related.

In a state of numbness and shock, Stapleton said she went back to her bed.

The little life that existed in the area died completely when the sun rose and villagers came to the realization that one of the villagers had been snuffed by a bullet.

SEARCHLIGHT understands that Cuffy, 26, returning from the popular nightspot “Chappies” had been dropped off by a vehicle at the bottom of the hill, just about 100 yards from his home. It was said that when he went into the yard nearby to drop off something, that gunshots were heard blasting from the heavily bushy area.

One of the residents said that he was in his house when he heard the shots.

“All I hear is about eight gunshot buss from the bushes, buh I couldn’t see who it was since it was dark. All I see is when ‘Not Nice’ drop pon de ground holding he chest.”

The man said he ran to Cuffy’s aid and placed him in a chair to sit.

“He been breathing still and was asking to help him. That was when I call the police.”

Cuffy died shortly after.

Speaking to Stapleton on the balcony of her house, with the rays of the setting sun falling on her face, the pupils of her eyes reflected hurt and confusion.

Cuffy’s first son Dwight Stapleton lost his life in similar fashion when he was shot and killed in the Paul’s Avenue area in 2004. No one has ever been charged with his murder.

The last she remembers of her son was the comfort of the hug he gave her the night before he met his death.

Stapleton said that she was not going to portray her son as a saint in any manner. “He was an alright boy, always helpful, but he ended up following the wrong company and got himself into a lot trouble,” she stated. Stapleton said she, however, had the feeling that her son was set up.

Admitting that she still feels shaky, Stapleton said she will have to move on and that she thanks God for her last son.

Police are carrying out investigations into the killing. Cuffy is this country’s second homicide for the year.