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SVGTU: Industrial action a success

SVGTU: Industrial action a success


The industrial action taken by teachers last week was hailed as a success, and is credited for fresh talks between policy makers and the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Teachers’ Union (SVGTU).{{more}}

President of the Union Joy Matthews at a press conference on Monday, January 14th, announced that after talks with government officials last week Friday, it was agreed by the officials that the Union did not create an issue, but rather highlighted one.

The refreshed dialogue, among other things, led to the amendment of the appeals process, enabling the Union to appeal salaries of its members.

A special committee will also be established to review salary bands, with a time frame to be established for the implementation of new policies.

Matthews, in her brief speech to the media, reiterated a number of issues: (a) the teachers were protesting what amounted to a salary cut, (b) the Union’s support for the government on Education matters; however, its duty to speak out against issues that are not union policies and (c) the love of the children.

She reminded the media that it was the Union which initiated the process of job descriptions, which in effect brought about the reclassification exercise.

The President thanked the teachers, students and members of the public who supported their January 9th and 10th period of rest and reflection, and expressed gratitude to the media for highlighting the issues. (JJ)