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Feeding frenzy at YUTE launch

Feeding frenzy at YUTE launch


If the nation’s youth ever had the notion that their literary, photographic and other talents were not being recognized, they now have the assurance that Interactive Media Limited is providing a medium for them to show the world what they have to offer. {{more}}

Last Friday afternoon was like a feeding frenzy at the Grammar School Playing Field, as scores of students from schools throughout the country swarmed the playing field to witness the official launch of the Youth Uplifted Through Education (YUTE) magazine.

Without a shadow of doubt, the youth were definitely being uplifted through education, as many nourished their young minds with food for thought.

Heads were seen all around the park buried in the full colour magazine. From the latest fashion trends to top-notch articles, poems and the latest in music, YUTE has it all. Even the not so young embraced the opportunity to come out and share with the kids and purchase a copy of the publication.

Interactive Media’s CEO, Clare Keizer, said that she was extremely pleased with the massive turnout of young people on Friday.

Keizer told SEARCHLIGHT that she is expecting students to take full advantage of the magazine and submit articles, letters, poems, and photographs, among others.

I JUST CAN’T GET ENOUGH: Students buried in a copy of the YUTE magazine at its launching at the Grammar School Playing Field last week Friday.

She said that YUTE is medium where not only school children but also other young people can air their views and talents to make them known to the wider community. The CEO went on to say that idea for the monthly magazine came from a Caribbean newspaper called “Junior Caribbean”, which was in existence while she was in the sixth form. Keizer said the very first newspaper article she ever wrote was published in Junior Caribbean, and she remembers how much she and her schoolmates looked forward to the publication. She added that she wanted to make similar opportunities available to today’s youth. Keizer also made a call for the business sector to jump on board and support the magazine.

The driving forces behind the launch, Editor of YUTE, Kirby Jackson and Senior reporter at SEARCHLIGHT, Hawkins Nanton, told the students that the magazine serves as an outlet for them to showcase their creativity. “It’s your paper. You write the stories,” Jackson said. They said that the launch was encouraging and they never expected such a large turnout.

Adaiah Providence of the National Youth Council urged those gathered to take a stand for positivity and show the nation that they are doing something positive amidst the negatives surrounding them. Providence believes that students will take full grasp of the opportunity given to them and hone their academic skills. Since the first publication of YUTE on September 14, 2007, it has been receiving tremendous response from the schools and general public.

The day climaxed with performances coming from some of St Vincent’s finest, including: the young talented trio “Flow Masters,” Lizanna Pollard, IBZ, Avenue Dancers, Bomani, Luta and Madzart, among others. Other remarks came from Curriculum Support Officer in the Ministry of Education Ortis Jack and Anastacia Browne-Harry from the Department of Youth.

YUTE’s next edition will be published on February 15.