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Medical waste dumped in Bottom Town

Medical waste dumped in Bottom Town


One child was being treated and up to press time on Wednesday evening remained a patient of the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital, after being stuck by another child with a poorly disposed of hypodermic needle.{{more}}

The four and five year olds were playing in the vicinity of a garbage disposal in the downtown area of Rose Place, popularly known as Bottom Town when the incident occurred.

A closer inspection of the area by residents uncovered hundreds of used syringes and needles, blades, bloodied bandages and gauze, masks and surgical gloves, in a white plastic shopping bag.

Medical documents containing the personal information of patients and clients were also found in a black garbage bag nearby.

The scene was visited by officers from the Environmental Health Department who were baffled as to the source of the potentially deadly medical waste.

The head of a leading medical laboratory also visited the scene indicated that the waste material did not come from his establishment.

He assured Searchlight that he follows the regulatory procedure when it comes to disposing of these medical instruments.

A call to a nearby clinic further failed to determine ownership, as the attending doctor claimed no knowledge of the possibly toxic material, and indicated that his establishment too follows the rules.

According to the regulations, the ‘Infectious Wastes and Sharps’ as they are called, are to be taken to the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital, where they are to be disposed of by stipulated procedures.

They are not supposed to be entered into the normal garbage stream line.

Residents of the area, which is normally stigmatized for drug use, trafficking and violence, were visibly upset by the discovery.

Some said they believe that the act was done to further damage the reputation of the neighborhood.

At press time the medical waste had been disposed of by members of the Public Health Department, but no one had claimed responsibility.