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Chamber says ‘No’ to closure


The Chamber of Commerce has blanked a request by Opposition Leader Arnhim Eustace for their members based in Kingstown to close their doors on June 8, in support of his New Democratic Party’s planned protest action.{{more}}

President of the Chamber of Commerce Martin Bollers said that closing to the public would not be an appropriate reaction by the Chamber to the issues raised by Eustace.

At a press conference on Thursday May 17, Bollers said that the Opposition Leader had asked for the Chamber’s members based in Kingstown to lend their support to the planned protest.

During a recent televised address to the nation, Eustace called for a total shut down of Kingstown and called out citizens to a march and rally in protest of several issues.

The Chamber’s executive met on Tuesday May 22 to consider Eustace’s request.

“The Chamber has come to the conclusion that based on the presentation and the research conducted i.e. on the issues of Bananas, The Kingstown Medical College and VAT, … an appropriate reaction would be to garner a greater understanding from dialogue and negotiation and then work towards a common goal to resolve any remaining issues,” a release from the Chamber states.

The Chamber also called on all sides to work towards consensus building for the greater good of the country.

“In addition, closing of our businesses would be an unnecessary burden on all stakeholders and will contribute to lower worker productivity,” the release also states.

Bollers however told SEARCHLIGHT that members of the Chamber who are otherwise inclined could make their individual judgment call on the matter. (KJ)