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Teacher wrestles student for .38 revolver


Two 15-year -old students in Form 2 and 3 of the JP Eustace Memorial Secondary School were released in the custody of their parents and placed on a 5 p.m. to 6 a.m. curfew until June 13.

The two lads appeared at the Family Court on Wednesday to answer a charge for gun possession.{{more}} Both students were charged with having a .38 revolver in their possession. They both pleaded not guilty and the matter was adjourned to June 13 for hearing.

Police reports indicate that on Monday, May 7 at about 12.45 p.m. Vonrick Williams, a teacher at the school went into the school’s tuckshop where he met one of the students. When he entered, the student said, “Bullet ah go bun dem skin.” Williams then asked the student what he meant and he replied, “Take a walk behind the school.”

The student left the tuck shop. The teacher then proceeded to go to the back of the school. On his way there, he met the student coming in the opposite direction. While approaching the teacher, the student pushed his hand into his book bag and made an attempt to pull out the weapon. Williams tried to hold onto the gun, and a struggle ensued, resulting in them falling to the ground.

The other student in the matter came and saw the two wrestling. The student who was wrestling threw the gun to the other boy who was there standing. Williams stopped wrestling with the boy and asked the student in possession of the gun to hand it over, which he refused to do. The student then ran and threw the gun over the school’s wall.

The police were called in on the matter and the gun was recovered.