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Police set up mobile unit in Paul’s Avenue

Police set up mobile unit in Paul’s Avenue


PAUL’S LOT, which has been considered by some to be a hotspot for illegal activity, is, for the time being at least, being regarded a place where persons can feel safe and secure.

This is due to the presence of a mobile Police Patrol unit, which has been stationed in the area over the past week.{{more}} The allocation of the unit to this area of Kingstown follows gunplay that occurred in the area for two consecutive days last week.

Speaking at a press conference on Monday, Acting Prime Minister Sir Louis Straker stated that he requested the commissioner of police to maintain some vigilance in that area and also at Campden Park.

According to Straker, there is the possibility of retaliatory criminal activity in these areas, and because of this he had requested that the Mobile Patrol remain for some time in these two areas.

“We are hoping that we can maintain some presence in the Paul’s Avenue area for some time so that we can give people some sense of security there and that the criminal element would know that law enforcement are watching them and are on their heels,” Straker stated.

One Monday of last week, 20-year-old Jariel Bell also referred to as Mad Max was shot in the head by an unknown gun man around 10 O’ clock in the morning in Paul’s Lot. Later that day, 25-year-old Isiah Williams also known as `Saddy’ was shot in his right arm, while former calypsonian Nilio Gumbs was shot in his leg. Tuesday was no different as Olufemi Providence became another victim as he received gunshots wounds to his leg and chest at Wilson Hill, just outside Paul’s Lot, while he was walking his child to school.

They have been no further incidents of shooting in this area since last week Tuesday.