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A massive manhunt has been mounted for three Trinidadian men believed to be responsible for the January 22 murders of Elizabeth Sutherland, a female Trinidad and Tobago Police Constable, along with her husband, daughter and family friend. {{more}}

Police believe that Daniel Telly Mendoza aka “Matrix”, Zwadie Kambon Gomez aka “Patchie”, and Kwasi Shaka John aka “Shaka” have been in St Vincent for a little over three weeks, staying with friends.

The men are believed to have entered St Vincent using a speedboat.

Police sources told SEARCHLIGHT that they are in communication with the Trinidad and Tobago police.

Photographs of the three men have been circulated.

Members of the public are being asked to contact the police if they see or hear anything about the whereabouts of the men who are believed to be armed and very dangerous.

Besides murder, the men are wanted in Trinidad and Tobago for a series of other serious crimes.

Police have launched operations but the fugitives have so far been able to give them the slip.

WPC Elizabeth Sutherland, 47, Ivan Sutherland, 48, Anika Sutherland, 23, and Kevin Surrette, 33, of Morvant were shot after four men broke into Sutherland’s home on January 22.

On the same night of the Sutherlands’ murders, Tor John alias “Cat”, 25, and Trou Macaque of Laventille were killed by police officers after a gun battle with police.

Police said that John was a suspect in the shooting deaths of WPC Elizabeth Sutherland and her family along with the family friend, Kevin Surrette.

A 21-year-old labourer of Laventille Zwade Gomez has also been charged with the murders.

He was arrested on March 24.