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Man killed with stab to chest

Man killed with stab to chest



A grieving mother wants to know two things – why the police didn’t take her son seriously when he made domestic abuse complaints and why her son didn’t leave a woman that “Wasn’t no kinda woman for him.”

Up to press time, the police were investigating the circumstances surrounding the death of 30-year-old Winston Williams of Ratho Mill. He died after receiving a stab wound to his chest during a domestic dispute last Monday 19, the police release states.{{more}}

Flavia Richardson is said to be assisting police in their investigations.

“I told him long time to leave that woman and come home,” said a distraught Marlene Williams who said that her son had promised her two weeks ago that he had come to the end of the line and was in fact prepared to move back home.

Speaking from the family home in McCarthy, Marlene said that her son has had to make several reports to the police and even filed a complaint at the Family Court because his “life was under torment.”

“The police never used to take him seriously, one time after she rip down his shirt and attack him he went to the station bareback to show them what she did, and they threatened to lock him up for coming into the station bareback,” Merlene said.

Winston’s sister Margaret told SEARCHLIGHT that she also believes that her brother’s complaints were ignored by the police because he was a man complaining about abuse by a woman.

“My brother did not deserve to die that way,” Margaret said.

Describing Winston as a quiet, loving person, Margaret said that she doesn’t have anything to remind her of him now because she isn’t sure if the baby boy, about 4 months old, he supposedly had with his girlfriend was his.

“She use to always tell him it is not his, and I don’t believe is his child,” she said.

Merlene said that she can’t help but think about what could have been as she thinks about the loss of her last child.

“I know what he was going through, If he didn’t call a day I used to get worried and wonder what happen to him, and now he is gone, exactly what I was always afraid of, ” she said sadly.

Margaret told SEARCHLIGHT that her brother, who was a contractor, was very ambitious and was in the process of building a house. It is in this same house he is believed to have received the fatal stab.

She said that a fitting way to remember her brother, to know his attitude towards life is by reading a text message he sent her months ago that she still had saved on her phone.

SEARCHLIGHT viewed the message which was dated November 23rd, 2006 at 5:21 p.m. with his name attached as the sender; it reads:

“Life is full of Joy and Love, some live happy and for some sadness. Take it all – My life is a perfect example to talk about, I may look happy and quite good but deep inside I am broken. I must say thanks to God for that little angel inside me who always there for me to talk to and to soothe my spirit. I am still alive and growing strong. I will never make no one, nothing stop me from progressing in life.”

A stab wound has stopped his progression.