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A 16-year-old who was chopped several times last Tuesday is thankful for the chance he has been given to live a different life.

“All I want is for my aunt to send for me in Canada, so that I could get a job, settle down and behave myself,” Ackeedo English told SEARCHLIGHT when we visited at the Milton Cato Memorial hospital last Wednesday.{{more}}

Still groggy having just awakened from his heavily sedated sleep, English said that when he was being chopped on his arms and head he was sure he would die.

“I thought that was it for me,” he said.

Students and teachers of the Georgetown Secondary School as

well as onlookers got a scare when the school’s annual track and field meet became the scene of the vicious cutlass attack.

Just minutes after the final event on the sports programme at the Chili Playing Field, an altercation broke out between two groups of individuals who were said to be arguing.

With parents and school children still milling around, the argument escalated into a fight which resulted in Ackeedo English being chopped.

He was rushed to the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital.

The incident is said to be a continuation of a dispute between the two groups which began late last week.

At press time a young man was said to be on the run from the police.

Meanwhile, Ackeedo was making plans to make a complete turn around of his life so that he could carve out a more promising future for himself.

“I want to be able to live, get married, have a family and all that,” said the hopeful young man.