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by Kenara Woods and Shunice Butcher

Stacy Wilson must now be radiating heavenly smiles on the South Leeward community of Vermont in gratitude to persons who came out in their numbers to pay their final respects to the slain young woman at the Seventh Day Adventist Church in Vermont on Tuesday.

The sight was just too much to bear for many as they watched Stacy lie peacefully in her coffin following tragic events last Monday that ended her life.{{more}}

Friends and family members reminisced about Stacy’s charming ways and the void her death has left in their lives. Many sang to the top of their lungs and exalted the name of the Lord on high as the hymns provided some comfort to their still bleeding wounds.

Mother Emelia Nanton was a pillar of strength until Stacy’s co-workers, friends and family recalled fond memories of her daughter.

A powerful message filled with conviction and zeal laid heavily upon everyone’s heart as Pastor Terrance Haynes delivered his sermon. Haynes reiterated the call for persons to take their lives more seriously.

“This life we share is God’s life, life is precious” said Haynes.

He said that we need to look beyond this world to the spiritual realm as the enemy is trying to devour God’s people.

“The enemy is mingling among the innocent human beings, he is trying to get back at God. Life is getting cheap, we need to get back to a state of normalcy,” he said.

Haynes made his comments as he chided persons for spreading the horrific images of Stacy’s mutilated body all over the Internet. As his words were being delivered chants of “yes father, yes father, amen” emanated from the packed church.

Haynes said that persons must not think of revenge, as this will only kill them spiritually. He further stated that we must put into action that life is precious and we are all God’s children.

The lengthy and tiring walk from the church to cemetery and the drizzling rain could not stop persons from singing and dedicating choruses to their beloved Stacy.

Not even the raindrops could hide the tears that were evident on the faces on many as her coffin was slowly lowered into her final resting-place as long dark shadows fell across the burial ground as the sun set on the leeward coast.

Wilson, 21, was brutally killed in the Leeward Bus Terminal Monday, December 11 in front of hundreds of shocked commuters. She was decapitated. A relative, Shorn Samuel has since been arrested and charged with the murder of Wilson.