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Sir James reveals all in new book

Sir James reveals all in new book


The years of speculation as to just what former Prime Minister Sir James Mitchell (at right in picture) and Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves (at left in picture) discussed during that now famous walk along Grand Anse beach may soon come to an end.

SEARCHLIGHT spoke to Sir James last Tuesday, November 28, just after the pre-launching and book signing of his memoirs at the 19th century London book store, Daunt Books and he was bubbling with excitement.{{more}}

Describing the book “Beyond the Islands” as the fulfillment of four hard but satisfying years of waking up at 4 a.m., Sir James said that nothing was left out.

The ups and downs of sixteen years in office, the heated battles with United States presidents over the banana trade, and the walk along Grand Anse beach on May 4 2000, with his rival Ralph Gonsalves just prior to the signing of the Grand Beach Accord which ended the “road block revolution” are all included. Even his take on the ill fated Ottley Hall Marina Project is in the book.

“When you read it every thing will be made clear about all those things,” said Sir James who has authored at least two other books.

But Vincentians will have to wait another two months to delve into the volume because it will not be available until the end of February next year. And when it is, you can expect launches in St. Vincent, Mustique and in Bequia.

One hundred and eighty copies were sold in a flash at the pre-launch Tuesday night, at £17.50 (just under $100EC), and according to Sir James, his launch was the most successful of the 80 launches hosted this year by Daunt Books located at Marylebone High Street, London..

“After you read the book you will be able to judge all that I have done and compare it to what is being done in St Vincent and the Grenadines right now,” he said, his jubilant mood not sufficient to curb the urge swing at the current ULP administration.

Sir James was accompanied to the launch by his four daughters; Louise, Sabrina, Gretel and Gabja.

Grenadian Prime Minister, Keith Mitchell, and renowned Trinidadian lawyer Karl Hudson Phillips headlined the 120 plus crowd that celebrated the achievement of the man, once a hitchhiker in London, who became a well-respected Caribbean leader.

When asked about his view on the December 10 New Democratic Party leadership race, Sir James indicated that he is too busy promoting his book to worry about NDP politics.

“I don’t want to comment on that, let the party work that out, I have worked hard and now I am concentrating on promoting my book and working on my family business,” said Sir James.

He did not even want to entertain the notion that he may be asked to step back into the fray to breathe new fire into the NDP.