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Manager in Focus – Joe Sheridan – A local leader in insurance

Manager in Focus – Joe Sheridan – A local leader in insurance


This week, Searchlight Business features Joe Sheridan a Chartered Insurance Practitioner and Chairman and CEO of The Insurance Brokers. {{more}}

Q: Are you living your professional dream?

A: Definitely! This is my 42nd year as 100% insurance professional, and I have had the good fortune locally to be able to pioneer a totally new form of insurance service as appreciation to Vincentians who have welcomed me so warmly. How could it be more satisfying?

Q: What do you do to relax?

A: I don’t relax enough, since there is always work to be done, whether insurance, church-related, Rotary etc, but this is my way of giving back. I do enjoy Reading and, of course, making music, and the Bequia ferry is also a relaxing hour.

Q: How do you spend your ok weekends?

A: Unless traveling or other commitments, I usually find my way into the office after helping Ian to attend his extra-curricular activities. Many weekends include church-related activities, as well as Rotary projects, and of course there must be time to be together as a family. An important obligation is attending Mass, usually the Saturday evening Mass at the Cathedral of the Assumption, and often, on Sunday mornings. We are all part of the music ministry, and enjoy helping at other parishes when we can.

Q: What is your favourite meal?

A: Roti!! It is the only meal that you can easily eat while reading SEARCHLIGHT.

Q: What challenges you most in life?

A: Injustice. It would be wonderful if everyone in the world would follow their consciences and do what is right, instead of seeking what is best for them.

Q: What is the most enjoyable aspect of your job?

A: Helping others with problems of all sorts, including Risk Management instead of insurance, and showing that you CAN help others without expecting payment.

Q: Where do you get inspiration to go on?

A: “God gives his people Strength!” After God, my wife Miriam and our son Ian make everything worthwhile.

Q: Who has had the most positive influence in your life?

A: My parents who died many years ago, but whose examples have shaped my life, and of course, Miriam who incredibly manages to keep me balanced!

Q: If you were given the power to change one thing in the country or the world, what would it be?

A: I would love seeing a world full of persons who feel good about themselves without having to drag others down. Full employment would help build self-esteem, and we can imagine the effect this could have on selfishness and crime.

Q: Where do you see yourself in the next 5-10 years?

A: Guiding and directing The Insurance Brokers, and supporting our really excellent team who all enjoy helping others, and who deserve the shareholding which we have opened to them.

As we continue to improve our service, it will be my pleasure to spend more quality time with our many loyal clients as we go from strength to strength and, of

course, everyone in business should try to spend more time with their families!