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Indians display culture at P’tani Resort, Argyle

Indians display culture at P’tani Resort, Argyle


In a lavish and colourful ceremony against a backdrop of Indian culture and cuisine the St Vincent and the Grenadines Indian Heritage Foundation was launched last week at P’tani Resort in Argyle – a place steeped in history for the Indians.

Historian Dr Arnold Thomas said that June 1 ought to be officially recognized as “Indian Heritage Day” to mark the arrival of the first group of indentured servants from India.{{more}}

He also called for the erection of a monument at Argyle – the original home of over 200 Indians – and the establishment of an educational and philanthropic trust fund.

Minister of Culture Rene Baptiste brought a basket of gifts for the new foundation. Included was the Indian Immigrant Register; an offer to partner with the foundation and work on mutual projects that would enhance the country’s diversity and enrich its cultural landscape; and, an opportunity for the foundation to be involved in next year’s Heritage Month activities.

The minister who openly welcomed the foundation onto the country’s cultural landscape also challenged the foundation to conceptualise a postage stamp to commemorate Indian Heritage Day.

First president of the foundation, Elmore Gaymes, outlined the objectives of the SVGIHF while guest speaker M Kanhai Kanghal of the National Council of Indian Culture of Trinidad and Tobago brought solidarity remarks from the Indian community in his country as well as a promise of assistance to the Vincentian Indians.