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It is often said that twins have the power to communicate telepathically, but 16-year-old twins Cherylon and Cherese Jack admit that this was not the case in the CXC exams.

Both sisters, students of the Girls’ High School, sat 11 subjects and phenomenally got nine 1’s and two 2’s for the same subjects.{{more}}

Cherylon jokingly remarked, “Some people asked us if we told each other the answers through our minds, but that was never so. We sometimes finish each other’s sentences and have similar likes but we were never able to share the answers through telepathy, as some people might believe, I wish we could though! I guess it’s because we studied together and had

similar thoughts why we got similar results.”

The identical pair from Belair both want to fulfil their dream of entering St.Georges University to study medicine so that they could make a contribution to the healthcare sector and also want to see more Vincentian doctors practicing in the country.