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Eustace: Why release Burgin?

Eustace: Why release Burgin?


Opposition leader Arnhim Eustace believes that Parliamentary Representative for East St. George, Clayton Burgin, was in fact fired from his Energy post, despite what the Prime Minister said.

“Burgin looked embarrassed when I saw him in Parliament,” Eustace said, as he also took a shot at the decision taken by Prime Minister Gonsalves to place the Ministry of Energy under his direction. “Why release Burgin? He should have dealt with the management.”{{more}}

Last Thursday, August 17, Prime Minister, Dr. Ralph Gonsalves addressing parliament said that he would from that day assume ministerial responsibility for energy, including electricity and St. Vincent Electricity Services Ltd. (Vinlec). The energy portfolio had been held by Burgin who the Prime Minister said had served well, but “it is evident that the juncture at which we find ourselves, the Prime Minister’s involvement is critical.”

When SEARCHLIGHT spoke to Minister Burgin he said that he is confident that people would see the Vinlec situation as a problem of management and it will not reflect one bit on his competence. He told SEARCHLIGHT that he doesn’t accept blame for what happened at Vinlec because it isn’t the type of company that is “directly run by the minister.”

Burgin further stated that he had no hard feelings about the decision taken because “it was done in a proper way.” He added that perhaps if he had been relieved unceremoniously then he might have had cause to be offended, but it was in fact discussed in Cabinet and his opinion was sought. “I didn’t mind being relieved, now I can concentrate on the roads and the other areas of my Ministry.”