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Belle Isle Prison facility on stream

Belle Isle Prison facility on stream


Calls by Farm Officer at Her Majesty’s Prison, Thomas Bobb, have met with a kind response from some sections of the Vincentian business community. According to information from the Prison, business houses have given money to help with irrigation at the Belle Isle compound.

Construction of the new correctional facility is proceeding, even though work has been delayed owing to cement shortage. However, production on surrounding lands has been overwhelming.{{more}}

Last week Friday, Bobb appealed through the media for help with irrigation for agricultural production at Belle Isle. He noted that workers had to carry water during the dry season and that each bucket of water was swallowed up by the dry hillside. Bobb repeated the call during a visit by Area Representative Sir Louis Straker, Transport and Works Minister Clayton Burgin.

An average of 21 inmates work on the farm on an ongoing basis where a variety of crops and livestock are produced. Bobb described the operations on the farm as a “learning” experience” for many workers. He acknowledged that there were experienced farmers in the lot, and that many other inmates had adjusted.

Sir Louis was “impressed” with work on the farm.

The prison population stood at about 400 last Tuesday with 392 males and nine females.