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Youth drowns at holiday church outing

Youth drowns at holiday church outing


At press time Wednesday, the Glynn family of Liberty Lodge was hoping that the body of one of their loved ones, David Glynn, would be found so that some closure could be brought to his tragic demise.

On Tuesday, July 11, David, a 23-year-old disappeared while he was in the waters of the Brighton Salt Pond.{{more}}

He was Bernica and Junior Glynn’s first born.

Bernica told SEARCHLIGHT she had just finished eating her lunch on Tuesday when she received the tragic news.

The grieving mother recounted: “It was around one o’clock when his sister (Mesha) answered the phone. She made an alarm. Her father took the phone then I saw him go down on the ground. I knew something was bad.”

Earlier that day David and his brother Amil had gone to the Brighton Saltpond with other members of the Arnos Vale Calvary Baptist Church. On Wednesday, Amil broke down in tears as he attempted to relate the events of the tragedy to SEARCHLIGHT.

Bernica explained that Amil was one of the persons who saw when David disappeared.

She noted that Amil told the family that David was talking to the other young people while walking seaward in waters which met him at the knee.

“He (Amil) said that Sister Jackson and Sister Margaret told him (David) not to go further. He probably did not hear and in a second he dropped in and went down. They did not see him again. He just vanished like that,” said Bernica, as she remained strong.

“It’s not something we can blame anybody for,” Bernica emphasized.

She said her son who attended the CW Prescod School, the Lodge Village Government, the Bishop’s College and the Layou Technical Vocational School was a fun loving Christian young man who was honest and never turned away from the church.

Bernica said David will be greatly missed by his father.