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Local music pirates are making soca artistes “flaming mad’ and “Fireman Hooper” is adamant that the “Pirates must be stopped, they have to be taken off the streets”

The area around the Kingstown Vegetable Market heated up at around 12:30 p.m. Wednesday, June 28, when a group of about 12 music artistes along with musician and producer Adrian Bailey held a vociferous protest aimed at suspected music pirates plying their trade around the city.{{more}}

SEARCHLIGHT caught up with the internationally acclaimed artiste Kevin Little who stressed his commitment to the cause of his fellow artistes. “This is my country and my fellow artistes, so when they rob one, they rob all of us,” stated Little. He added that his international success by no means exempts him from the squeeze of piracy, and he is adamant that things have to change so that artistes could get their due in St Vincent and the Grenadines.

“When a man spends over $10,000 to produce an album it is hard to sit back and watch people rob you,” cried “Fireman Hooper”. He told SEARCHLIGHT that the artistes are united in their call for the law to intervene and stop pirates from stealing bread from their mouths.

While short, the protest drew a large crowd and even some arguments from sympathizers of the suspected pirates who claimed that they are also trying to earn their bread.