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35 set for Soca clash

35 set for Soca clash


At least two former Soca monarchs are in the line-up for the Soca Monarch semi-finals. The event is scheduled for the Chamber of Commerce Car Park this Sunday July 2 from 5 PM.

Dennis Bowman, the 1997 winner and Cornelius Poorsah Williams, King in 2002 are among the list of 35 hopefuls looking to make the Soca Monarch Final July 8.{{more}}.

Poorsah will be doing the number ‘In ah hole,’ with which he is hoping to do the triple and conquer all three crowns.

Poorsah a Calypso Monarch semi-finalist a former monarch, and five times Road March King has his eyes set on winning in three different categories.

Dennis Bowman would be hoping for similar success with his ‘Push back.’ He is also in the calypso line up and if things go his way, he would not be ruling out the Road March.

But they both have to get through two events this weekend. The Calypso Semi-final is tonight, Friday June 30, and two days later, these two would have to change tempo for advancement into the Soca Finals. Seventeen finalists will be picked from this show.

Thirty-five persons are lined up for this new competition. This came about owing to the abundance of artistes in the Soca arena.

Just like the ongoing World Cup Soccer finals in Germany, no one can be taken for granted, but each must prove his or her worth in order to progress.

The list includes last year’s Road March King Gregory ‘DJ Twenty’ Small with his ‘Wait on yo turn.’ His musical partner Aileen ‘Sexy Sugarz’ Joyette, last year’s Female Soca Monarch is in the line-up with her number ‘Ah tol’ yo.’

Ragga Soca monarch Shernelle ‘Skarpyon’ Williams with ‘The Carnival song’ would be looking to advance.

There are familiar names like Garrett ‘Icon’ John with ‘Straight Through’ and Alhaji ‘Alla G’ James doing ‘Car key.’

Kenroy ‘Rus-T’ Baptiste is creating a sensation in his debut year with the rendition ‘Jump and wine.’

Reigning Calypso Monarch Glenroy Sulle Caesar would be hoping to be among the double crown winners with his innovative number ‘Jiggy Soca.’ Roger ‘Land Lord’ Thompson doing ‘Zero gravity’ is hoping to make it to the Soca Finals. John Dougan’s Soca hit is ‘Soca bad Johns.’ Shaunelle McKenzie could be in her element on the Soca stage with the number ‘Festival time again’. She will be hoping that her display in today’s calypso semi-finals would put her in contention for the double.

Elmoth ‘Bunny Rebel’ Bailey might think that this is his break through year with his number ‘Up in the air.’

Winston ‘Papa I-ston’ Lewis is a new comer to the Soca stage, but he will not be intimidated with his rendition ‘Bikini.’

Another sensation this year is Lyndon ‘Lawyer Boy’ George doing ‘Soca Anthem.’ A lawyer by profession, he would be using this stage to prove his versatility. Sylvanus ‘Mad Roy’ Fraser is another favourite with his number ‘Pig in a bag’. But he would have to pass the semifinal test.

Kosinski ‘Busta Ski’ Adams with ‘Getting hot’ would want to think that he is familiar with the Soca stage. George ‘Jah Burke’ Nedd has been a regular calypsonian over the years with some ditty and jumpy numbers. He would feel that the semi-final is an ideal stage for him to move on. His number is ‘Jumping.’ Bruce ‘Steady gan’ Vincent is another crowd favourite with his number ‘Stan’.

Two other ladies will be in the line up. They are Denis ‘Lady D’ Stephen with her number ‘Stop it,’ and Zoella ‘Zola’ Boyde doing the number ‘Kicking Dust.’

Jemmoth ‘Kamal-I Anthony with ‘Blues in Soca and Aubrey ‘Black-I’ Dembar will be having a village rivalry to see if they can join their compatriot Poorsah in representing their North Leeward village of Troumaca. Black-I’s rendition is ‘Bum Bum, but he will be hoping for a better performance than in the New Song competition in May this year.

Omar ‘Ras Orko’ Ottley will fancy his chance with his creation ‘Fire in d hole,’ and Derek ‘Man Sick Alexander, the new Song Calypso winner would be hoping for another royal trip with his ‘Want to see.’

Lynton ‘Sweet Sixteen’ Samuel is perhaps celebrating his elevation to the big times. His number is ‘Bussing Wheel E.’

Delroy ‘Splendid’ Bentick is ‘Badda dan we,’ and he is hoping that he is indeed superior to the others.

Anthony Soleyn under the stage name ‘Ras X’ is looking to made a name for himself with his number ‘Nobody can hold me.’ Sanford ‘Yata Mentally’ has the number ‘Ah soca’ which he considers would be in for the final.

Ottley Browne otherwise known as ‘Fathead’ is doing the number ‘Garn Teeze me,’ which he hopes will be a final number. Then there is ‘Sunny Banks’ Young, a veteran calypsonian with a pan touch. He is also in the calypso arena and would think that the double is not beyond him with his song ‘Squeeze up.’

Sylvanus ‘Ras Simple’ Jacobs has the song ‘Wuck,’ and Filmore ‘Philly Dilly’ John is doing the number ‘Bad Bad.’ Jamal Jardine known as ‘Fimba’ would be hoping to create a name for himself with his number ‘Horn.’

The other competitor for the final is Renrick ‘Undisputed Flamboo’ Cato with his song ‘Fire side.”