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Symposium to look at proposals for the National Export Strategy


In an effort to strengthen this country’s export competitiveness, the National Investment Promotions (NIPI) in collaboration with the Commonwealth Secretariat will host a symposium on the National Export Strategy (NES) on Tuesday, May 30.

The symposium will see some 100 stakeholders and members of the Public-Private Partnership deliberate on the Response Paper, the first stage of the export strategy.{{more}}

Participants at Tuesday’s symposium will assess this country’s trading performance and prospects, while identifying key issues hindering competitiveness among local trade. According to the NIPI Export Development officer, Shana Browne, the meeting will facilitate proposals from stakeholders on the NES, which would be put in place to better overcome the obstacles to further export development.

According to Browne, the Paper, which would be discussed at the Symposium, is based on the findings of consultations held with representatives from both public and private sector.

When complete, the Export Strategy will deal with the international competitiveness of the local business community by identifying the goods and services that will be competitive for the foreign market.

Focusing on the contributions of Public-Private Partnership, the Export Strategy will aim at fostering fiscal growth, strengthening economic diversification and employment creation in the local business sector.

Emphasis will be placed on specialised needs of sectors that show high export potential, and stakeholders will more than likely discuss ways of improving this country’s export performance through enhanced delivery of trade support services.