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Shot Barrouallie man recovering

Shot Barrouallie man recovering


Paul Spence, a 40-year-old Barrouallie labourer, was up to last Wednesday recovering from gunshot wounds at the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital. How Spence sustained his wounds remains a mystery in that central leeward town.

The normally tranquil atmosphere in that community, renowned for its fishing exploits, was disrupted last week Thursday, May 11. Hundreds of residents gathered at the Barrouallie Clinic to get a glimpse of Spence as medical practitioners and the Police combined to provide attention.{{more}}

Although Spence was writhing in pain and froth was coming from his mouth, he displayed a level of aggression which suggested that his situation may not have been life threatening.

Indications from people in the community were that Spence might have been shot in what was referred to as “vigilante style” owing to the perception that he may have been responsible for some crimes in the neighbourhood.

Two women – Mable Pollin, said to be in her seventies, and her daughter Veronica Frederick aged 50 – had their throats slit in a chilling episode in that town in December last year.

No one has been charged in connection with that double murder.

Spence was taken up as a suspect in that matter but was released owing to the lack of evidence. The injured man was transferred from the Barrouallie Clinic by way of ambulance to the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital.