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Just as promised, Beenie Man delivered a spectacular performance last Saturday night at the Victoria Park!

Clad in his designer “I Love New York” white suit and with his dreadlocks neatly pulled upward to reveal his bold magnetic eyes, Beenie Man sent the ladies wild. {{more}}

But the “Doctor”, as he is also known, didn’t just bellow songs in monotony; he also gave the guys “romantic tips” on how they should treat their ladies, while the females cheered in agreement.

Never one to ignore his adoring fans, Beenie Man high-fived to waving outstretched hands and at times sat on the speaker and chatted with those at the front of the stage. At one point he shared the pain of loosing his bother and sister to what he described as the evil force “voodoo” but pushed the message of love and peace in his pain. He called for the stage lights in the park to go out and for the audience to light up their cellular phones, which had a similar look to the night skies.

Backed up by his well timed musical band, the dancehall king sang tunes from yesteryear to the present, giving the large crowd more than their money’s worth, and proving that Beenie Man was truly the “King of the Dance Hall.”

Two brief fracas and scattered rain before the main act hit the stage didn’t deter the already hyped audience, which seemed to be transformed into well behaved school children who obeyed the musical instructions of the master.

Commendable performances were also given by members of the Shocking Vibes and Rough Cut Crew; particularly lone female Martina, who boosted the confidence of the ladies with her pro-female repertoire.

SEARCHLIGHT will bring you an exclusive interview with Beenie Man and Martina in our entertainment monthly pullout “Buzz” on Friday October 7.