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Man Shot Dead

Man Shot Dead


by William “Kojah” Anthony and Hawkins Nanton

One week after a Sandy Bay man was shot to death, execution style, members of his immediate family are fearing the same can happen to them after claiming that they have received death threats from the alleged killer who is still on the run.

On Friday, August 5, 26-year-old Javern “Stitchie” Nero who would have celebrated his 27th birthday next month, received two bullets to his right leg and one to the right section of his head while hanging with his friends at Big Sand Beach, Sandy Bay. Bathing in blood, he died on his way to the Georgetown Hospital. {{more}}

The brutal murder took place less than 48 hours after Nero’s car windows were blown out by a hail of bullets. This incident took place approximately 3 a.m. on August 4.

Donna Baptiste, Nero’s stepmother told SEARCHLIGHT, that she and other members of the family were at home on Monday when they received information from persons who claim that they know of the assailants whereabouts, stating that he sent a warning “that he have the entire family to put down”.

“We understand he said he will clean us up,” Baptiste stated.

“We are worried,” she exclaimed.

Nero’s lover, Laurel Laborde, said she was in capital Kingstown last Friday afternoon when she received a telephone call telling her of her boyfriend’s demise.

“I was told Stitchie get shot. I thought I heard chop so I didn’t worry too much. When I come out of a van a girl came and told me he get three bullet and he would not survive,” Laborde recalled as she reminisced on the frightful experience.

“He don’t trouble people and he don’t deserve this,” said Laborde, who explained that the gunmen who attacked her boyfriend on the beach had set out to get one of his friends and shot him instead.

During the week the police issued a wanted poster for Steve “Jumbie” Browne. The poster stated that throughout the investigation of Nero’s death, Browne’s name surfaced and he is of interest to the investigation.

The police said the 24-year-old man is armed and considered dangerous. The public is advised that if seen or if his whereabouts are known, Browne must not be approached, but persons should inform the nearest Police Station or contact CID, CRO or MCU at telephone numbers 4561810 or 4571211 ext.222, 223, 226 or 227.

Meanwhile, Heron Nanton, a 34-year-old Sandy Bay farmer returns to court in September charged with Nero’s murder. That’s when preliminary investigations will begin into the young man’s death.

Nanton was remanded in custody last Tuesday morning.

Lawyer Joseph Delves represented Nanton when he appeared before Carl Joseph at the Kingstown Magistrates Court.

According to information from the Police, Nero and two men were involved in an altercation during that week, which culminated in his death.

Nero was the father of a nine-year-old son, Joannie Hinds.