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Noel ‘Deportee’ GordoN is counting himself lucky to be alive. He survived a cutlass attack on Emancipation Day which left him with wounds to his head and right hand.

Gordon aged 23, recalled that around midday, he went to Buccament Beach to relax. He said that he was standing at a shed when a man whom he named came along with three other men and attacked him with a cutlass. {{more}}

“When he approached me, I told him that I was not going to run, but he would have to fight me this time. Every time I was out my hometown, (the man) and his posse tried to fight me and I had to run. But I was not going to run this time,” Gordon explained.

“When he came with the cutlass I grabbed a stone and hit him with it. Then I bent down to pick up a bamboo and when I was getting back up, I received a chop in my head. It stunted me for a while and it felt like a weight carried me down. When I caught myself, I felt the warm blood running down my face. But then I snatched the cutlass at the blade to prevent him from chopping me again and he pressed down and it cut my hand between the index finger and thumb.”

Reliving the ordeal he explained, “(The man) dropped the cutlass and he ran into the sea. I was out for a moment again and saw people standing over me, I saw him running and I got up and took the cutlass and chased him.

The police came and took me to the hospital where I got 25 stitches in my head and eight on my right hand,” Gordon added.

He stated that rumours had spread that he was dead, but he is assuring people that he is still alive. He however revealed that the chop to his head was deep and doctors told him that had it gone a few more inches he would have been dead. He confessed that over the two days he recuperated at the hospital, people were praying at his bedside. The recovery gave him some time to think he disclosed.

“I want to go to church to give God praises for sparing his life. I was innocent. I did nothing to (the man). He and I were friends before,” he said, but differences arose.

With a stunned look on his face he went on: “I lived in the US for seven years before I got deported and I never got into this type of argument with anyone before.”