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The announcement Monday that an explosion had rocked downtown Port of Spain shocked many.

The region had been only still assimilating the possible impacts of the London multiple bombings, which left over fifty persons dead.{{more}}

Police in Port of Spain had to be called out after a bomb exploded in the busy Frederick Street shopping district. That explosion which left 14 persons injured.

One female vendor had to have her foot amputated after she was hit by what police believe was a hand grenade placed in a garbage bin on the sidewalk. Later reports emerged that eyewitnesses had seen a man placing a bag in the garbage bin shortly before the explosion.

Up until press time nobody had been arrested.

Not so in the United Kingdom however. Though speculation had pointed toward the Al Qaida, British police announced that following several raids in Leeds and Luton, explosives had been found and several British born men arrested.

The BBC reported Tuesday that it was believed that the bombings were “possibly the country’s first suicide attacks.”

Security sources said it was likely at least three of the men, involved in the attacks, said to be of Pakistani descent, are dead, after belongings were found at the scenes.

Details emerged that on Monday night police had viewed CCTV footage of the men together at London King’s Cross on the Thursday the bombings occurred.

They all had rucksacks and were seen just 20 minutes before the three Tube bombs started going off at 0851 BST. A bus bomb went off in Tavistock Square at 0947 BST.