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St. Joseph’s Marriaqua Convent lass is Miss Model Teen 2005

St. Joseph’s Marriaqua Convent lass is Miss Model Teen 2005


Cathrina HAzell, representing the St. Joseph’s Convent Marriaqua, walked away with the Miss Model Teen 2005 title last Saturday night.

But many patrons who attended the event were less than impressed with the two-hour late start. {{more}}

The pagaent, staged at the Arnos Vale Sporting Complex, was supposed to commence at 7 p.m., but began instead at 9 p.m., way too late for the school children who came to rally behind contestants from their school. Another area of concern expressed by some of the adults in attendance was the selling of alcohol to the children below 18 years. Shock was expressed too at the lyrical content of some of the music played by the DJ’s. Music which contained obscenities and derogatery references towards women. The decorations on stage were however a touch of class, but the height of the stage made it a bit too inconvinient for the audience seated below.

The show however went on and the audience saw Cathrina Hazell, Miss St. Joseph’s Convent Marriqua strut her stuff. Hazell dressed as a female pirate for the promotional speech segment, carried a colourful, real life looking parrot on her left arm while she explained that this country was the perfect destination for the shooting of the Walt Disney Blockbuster hit “Pirates of the Caribbean.”

The spritely young lass, with her hair in pony tails and a blue and white cheerleading outfit danced to ’80s music and made full use of the stage during that segment of the show. The SJCM school student must be commended for refraining from the heavy wining which at times became too obvious and a little too vulgar by the other contestants as they performed in the cheerleading segment.

Hazell returned for promwear – the third segment – wearing a stunning peach one shouldered dress with sequins at the front and draped with a shawl. Her poise demonstrated during this segment may have contributed to her having the edge over the other contestants and eventually taking the coveted title.

The overwhelmed young lady told SEARCHLIGHT immediately after being crowned that she gave her all and did it for her friend Jason Punnett who passed away following a car accident the night before.

Hazell who hails from Gunn Hill, Kingstown, also thanked her friends and family for supporting her endeavour and had a word of encouragement for other young ladies who wanted to pursue similar shows: “Go for it and reach for the stars. You can do it no matter what anyone says: just have fun.”

First runner up was crowd -favourite Shanique Garraway, Miss Girls’ High School who also won the Best Prom Dress and Best Cheerleading categories. She used a variety of music ranging from Michael Jackson to Ciara with her baton and Pom Poms to show her ability as cheerleader.

She too must be commended for keeping her waist line movements to a minimum and showing off her cheerleading skills instead. Second runner up was Miss Emmanuel High School – Nadine De Bique. The other contestants were Tamiya Williams – Adelhi Secondary, Partice Defvignes – Intermidiate High School, Orinella Telemaque, Bequia Community High, La Tisha Neverson – Bishop’s College Kingstown who also got the Miss Photogenic title and Natalie Pope – Miss Georgetown. There were commendable performances from the guest artistes Dr. Luv Bravehearts, Avenue Dancers and Fireman Hooper.