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Man fined for slapping his child’s mother in the face

Man fined for slapping his child’s mother in the face

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A 29-year-old man has acquired a criminal record after slapping his child’s mother in the face.  

Reginald Gurley of Murray’s Village changed his plea to guilty this Wednesday, November 6, for assaulting Kemeila Grant of Redemption Sharpes, causing her actual bodily harm.  

The Kingstown Magistrate’s Court heard that on April 16, in Rockies, Grant and Gurley who were previously in a relationship together, were both in the same area. Grant was playing cards until she decided to leave at about 10:30 pm. She called her friend to take her home in their vehicle, and she walked from the area to meet the vehicle. Gurley followed her, and he questioned her about where she was going and their daughter. She replied that it was her business, and turned her attention towards her cellphone. Gurley apparently grabbed the phone and then struck her across her face resulting in an injury to her lip.  

When Gurley was taken into custody he admitted that he hit her, and a medical injury form was provided.  

No antecedents were before the court.  

The 29-year-old who says that he works in construction admitted that Grant left him.  

“And she must have had reasons for doing that…because women don’t leave good men,” Senior Magistrate Rickie Burnett put to him.  

“Nooo” the defendant insisted saying that things happened.  

The magistrate asked Grant if she left the defendant because he was abusing her. “Partially” she replied.  

Burnett told Gurley that he cannot try to control her, “You understand Mr Gurley?”  

The defendant said that he did understand.  

“You have to leave the woman alone,” the magistrate said, “She’s not with you anymore.”  
Gurley once more agreed.  

However, when he was advised that he shouldn’t harass Grant, Gurley objected saying it wasn’t “really” harassment, and alleged that Grant was in Rockies, “gambling, smoking whole night” and he told her it was time to check in with their daughter.  

It was pointed out that he could have gone and taken the daughter. Grant stated that the child was in Redemption Sharpes in the care of someone.  

“…but the control that you were trying to exercise over her, you don’t have that control over her,” Burnett advised the defendant.  

The court asked Grant “For the injury that he caused you, you want compensation?”, to which she replied strongly “Yes your honour,” turning to Gurley and giving him a stern up and down look. 

When asked how much money she wanted, she replied that it “doesn’t matter.” 

A sum of $250 was suggested to her and she stated “Fine…by me.”  

Compensation was ordered by December 15, with a default of one month in prison.  

Gurley was bonded in the sum of $1000 for one year, and if he breaches the bond, he must pay the sum forthwith or go to prison for three months.