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Drunken man who threatened and beat his mother sent to jail for 10 months

Drunken man who threatened and beat his mother sent to jail for 10 months


A 31-YEAR-old man who, in a drunken state, beat his mother about her body and threatened to kill her, has been sent to prison for 10 months, along with a recommendation for counselling.

This order was made at the Serious Offences Court last Friday, September 4.

Chief Magistrate Rechanne Browne had previosuly been informed on Monday, August 31, that Dwight Taylor of Redemption Sharpes, had assaulted his 45-year-old mother, Elizabeth Young, causing her actual bodily harm.

The magistrate was told that the incident occurred on August 29. The mother had been lying on her bed at approximately 8:50pm when a sound drew her to the kitchen, and she realized that it was her son, who was intoxicated.

Although she complained to her son that he shouldn’t come home when drunk, she also asked him if he wanted any food to eat.

“I don’t want no f***ing food, I will kill myself,” Taylor told his mother, arguing.

He didn’t stop arguing even though his mother asked him not to make noise because her ill husband was sleeping.

Young went to her bedroom, and was getting dressed to go to the police to make a report, when her son approached her from behind, grabbed her and began beating her about her body with his hand, boxing her in the ribs and twisting her left arm.

She cried out in pain, but her son said “I come to f***ing kill you and your husband.”

He dragged her by her shirt, into the kitchen, having ignored her cries to stop. He kept her in a corner, while he appeared to search for a knife. He found a steel spatula instead and used this to beat Young on her side, and squeeze her neck. Young managed to escape by grabbing his hand and she ran to get the keys, open the living room door, and then she ran to her mother’s house, Taylor’s grandmother, which is not far away.

She was there waiting for the police to come, but her son arrived and continued arguing. He also asked his grandmother to allow his mother to come by the road so that he can kill her.

Taylor told the court on Monday, following the weekend incident, that he wanted to apologize to his mother, and that he didn’t know about it at all and was intoxicated.