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Fisherman fined $300 for ammo possession

Fisherman fined $300 for ammo possession


While searching for arms and ammunition at a home in Rose Place, the police were able to snag a fisherman in possession of an unlicensed bullet in an ice cream container.

Cornelius Johnny, 65 years old, was caught with the unlicensed .32 ammunition on Saturday, August 22.

At 6:30 am, a party of Rapid Response Unit (RRU) personnel, led by Inspector Dallaway went to Johnny’s home in Rose Place. They were armed with a search warrant with respect to arms and ammunition, and showed this to the defendant. While searching the home, Police Constable Williams found a Frisko ice cream container on a centre table, inside of which were several boxes of Empire cigarettes, and one .32 bullet.

“Officer is the boy who had it from down the road and I put it in that,” the fisherman told the police, who then arrested him on suspicion of possession of ammunition without a license.

Checks were made and it was found that Johnny did not have a license for such.

“I take it from a little yute man” who comes by his house, Johnny told Chief Magistrate Rechanne Browne, and that he then threw it in the container.

A fine of $300, to be paid on that day was ordered, or the 65-year-old would spend a month in prison.

However, the defendant’s concern when he returned to his seat was whether his container could be returned to him.