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Unwanted visits to female friend’s home lands fisherman in bad water

Unwanted visits to female friend’s home lands fisherman in bad water


Unwanted visits to his female friend’s home have caused a 48-year-old man who claimed he gave her everything of his “heart” and intended to marry her, to be bonded for a year.

John Spann, a fisherman of Old Montrose, came to court as a defendant for the first time in his life on Monday, May 4, charged for entering onto the property of one Hyacinth Edwards of Lodge Village, with intent to annoy.

However, it is not the first time that Edwards reported him to the police for the unwanted acts of attention.

The two have known each other well for a number of years both parties confirmed at the Kingstown Magistrate’s Court on Monday.

Edwards told Senior Magistrate Rickie Burnett that she knows Spann through her son’s father, who left her when her son was a baby. Edwards also said she would say they were friends through her son.

The court heard that the defendant would assist Edwards from “time to time” in bringing fruits and other “little items” for her son. However, at some point Edwards had a conversation with him, telling him to stop this because she didn’t want any confusion between him and her boyfriend.

However, Spann did not listen to her and continued to show up at her apartment uninvited. She reported this to the police, and asked them to warn him.

Nevertheless, on the night of April 26, when she was at home with her son and boyfriend at their apartment in Lodge Village, Spann turned up again. He knocked on the door, and Edwards turned on the light, and saw him standing in her porch.

Edwards woke her sleeping boyfriend, who went to the door and, without opening it, asked “Wey you doing here? The police ain’t tell you not to go up here?”

Spann told the boyfriend to come outside and talk, but Edwards told him not to comply. After staying there momentarily, Spann left.

The magistrate asked the defendant to repeat what he had been saying before Edwards was called into the courtroom, and Spann reiterated that Edwards is his wife and that he would give her his heart.

However, Edwards indicated that Spann was using her son to get to her.

“I see that he want to get at my son to get at me, because he told my son that he love me.”

Edwards said she sought the assistance of the police because Spann kept coming to her door at odd hours, and if she was not at home, he would demand that her son open the door for him.

She said Spann told her God sent him for her, to marry her.

“And all over Tokyo he have my name and telling people I am with him. I am never with this man,” she added.

After Edwards finished speaking, the magistrate observed, “earlier on he made a statement that he gave you his heart. That was a powerful statement.”

“Well you can’t give somebody your heart when somebody is not in love with you. I never sleep with this man. I never go nowhere with this man, I never do nothing with this man,” Edwards rebutted.

After being invited to address the court, Spann’s sister, who was present in court, said Edwards was lying.

“Because for years she was taking groceries and stuff from my brother,” the sister stated, to objections from Edwards.

The sister persisted, asking why Edwards was taking her brother’s money, and things from him.

“So if she don’t have nothing to do with my brother why send conchs to my mom?,” the seemingly frustrated sibling indicated.

The sister said that there was a God seeing everything.

Edwards responded that she was telling the truth, and asked “John is nah you used to deh calling my phone?”

In the end, Burnett told Spann that what happened in the past is coming to an end “right now.”

“Ms Edwards is telling this court that one, she has a boyfriend,” and that she has no interest in him, the magistrate relayed.

“So whatever you might have had in your mind, take it out your mind,” he told Spann.

“You have been brought to this court because Miss Edwards complained certain things which she doesn’t want you to do. I’m telling you as of today, you have to keep far, far away from this lady,” Burnett stated, to Spann’s agreement.

A bond of one year in the sum of $1500 was imposed, and if this is breached this money must be paid right away or Spann will spend three months in prison. Therefore, should he return to Edwards property again and she reports him, this would apply, the magistrate informed him.