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Stubbs man charged for stealing silver and black Texaco gas head

Stubbs man charged for stealing silver and black Texaco gas head


‘PIKACHU’ OF Stubbs has been caught in the crime of burglary and theft of a Texaco gas head, telling the court that this is the second time he has stolen from the same victim.

Curtis ‘Pikachu’ Thomas, age unknown, appeared at the Serious Offences Court last Wednesday, March 4 charged with, on February 27, stealing a silver and black Texaco gas head worth EC$60 from the dwelling house of Thomas Howard of Stubbs.

Howard, the court heard, is living alone in a small plywood structure, which has several windows, secured by latches, and one door, secured by dead bolt.

On February 27, Howard secured his home, leaving at around 2:30pm. At five in the evening, he returned home, meeting it ransacked. When he made checks, the gas head was missing.

After receiving a report the Stubbs police carried out investigations into the matter, during which the defendant’s name surfaced. Eventually, Howard himself brought his gas head to the police, telling them that he had received it from a woman called Phillips, to whom Thomas had sold it.

When Thomas was picked up he admitted the offence to the police, giving them a statement.

The gas head was found to be in good condition.

Initially it was thought that there were no antecedents, but when Chief Magistrate Rechanne Browne questioned the defendant, he said that he had one for breaking into the same man’s house. He said he spent some time in jail for this.

Following this, the case was adjourned to the following day for sentencing, in order to give the police time to locate the criminal record.

On Thursday it was revealed that ‘Pikachu’ is currently on bond in relation to another person. The magistrate decided to put him on another bond for three months in the sum of $900, and if he breaches this bond he must pay this sum forthwith, or spend three months in jail.

The gas head will be returned to its rightful owner.