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Duo charged with gun, ammo possession

Duo charged with gun, ammo possession


Two young men have been charged with alleged possession of a Glock pistol, and 16 rounds of ammunition.

Geraldo Tash, and Les Warren, were taken to the Serious Offences Court last Thursday, January 30.

Tash, 27 years old of Calder, and Warren, 21 years of Lowman’s Leeward, are jointly charged with possession of the firearm, and the 16 rounds of 9mm bullets, which they are alleged to have possessed without a license under the Firearms Act. The arrest was effected by Corporal LaFleur Williams and other police officers on January 28, at Lowman’s Leeward, at approximately 8pm.

After not guilty pleas were entered, no objection to bail was raised. Composite bail in the sum of $15,000 with one surety, was allowed by Chief Magistrate Rechanne Browne.

The duo are to report to the police stations in their respective districts every Monday and Thursday, and surrender travel documents to the court.
The next hearing will be on March 19.