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Court orders $4500 compensation to 59-year-old assault victim

Court orders $4500 compensation to 59-year-old assault victim


A 59 year old man who was struck to his face in an unprovoked attack, will take a year to heal the damage to his ear, but the court has ordered compensation of $4,500 to assist him.

Last Monday, February 10, Senior Prosecutor, Adolphus Delplesche recommended “something reasonable” to ease the pain and suffering of Leon Matthews, a mechanic of Richland Park, during recommendations for the sentencing of defendant, Philroy Hull, for assault bodily harm.

After reading the contents of the comprehensive medical report, the prosecution asked the court to consider that Matthews will take a year to properly heal.

With all the consequences of the attack, the court learned that the two parties were good friends who hung out together, before the incident.

However, things changed on November 26, 2019 at around 3:45pm where Matthews was at the old gas station at Richland Park, bending steel for the Nine Mornings Committee. Suddenly, he saw a white car speed down a hill, and slammed onto a truck. Hull emerged from the white car, and left.

Matthews was drinking a strong rum at the time, and the defendant emerged minutes after leaving the scene, accusing Matthews of drinking his(Hull’s) rum.

The 59 year old man denied this and turned away but was struck on the left side of his face by the then 32 year old Hull.

The defendant, a labourer of Belmont, told Chief Magistrate Rechanne Browne, that he had a six year old child in Primary School, and asked to be able to pay something.

Browne noted that a number of things were considered. She considered that Hull pleaded guilty at the outset, when he was first charged(December 14, 2019), and that he was relatively young.

She considered as well that the attack was unprovoked and Matthews had been “minding his own business” when he was assaulted.

She indicated that, from the facts, it could be inferred that alcohol was in the mix.

Browne noted that the victim has suffered “extreme pain”, inflammation to the ear, bleeding, and from standing in the witness box, seemed to be having issues with balance.

The magistrate commented that she could not understand why Hull would have chosen to be so reckless.

Finally, she contemplated the time that the 59 year old would need to recuperate, and the medication necessary.

Compensation of $4,500 was ordered, $500 of which was required to be paid forthwith, and $4,000 by July 31. If he does not pay the $500, the default prison time is two months, and if he does not pay the $4,000, the default is nine months.

Additionally, a bond was imposed for one year, in the sum of $2,500. If he breaches the bond, the sum must be paid immediately, or Hull will spend a year in jail.