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Court wants man to stay out of former lover’s bedroom

Court wants man to stay out of former lover’s bedroom


A 33 YEAR OLD Rillan Hill man has been sent to prison for three months, after repeatedly breaching a court order to stay out of his former lover’s bedroom.

Elloi Creese met this fate at the Kingstown Magistrate’s Court on Tuesday, February 4.

He was taken before Senior Magistrate, Rickie Burnett, after breaching the order made by the Family Court.

Creese had apparently been told by the court that he was allowed to go to his former lover’s house so that he could visit the children, a boy and a girl, but he was expressly warned not to go into the bedroom.

Prosecutor, Corlene Samuel, established that the police had spoken to Creese on a number of occasions about his behaviour since the court order was handed down.

However, the 33-yearold persisted in slipping into his former lover’s

bedroom when he visited the house. Reports are that Creese was requesting sexual intercourse from his former girlfriend, although the two broke up in 2018.

When Creese committed the breach again on Sunday, February 2, his former lover made a report, and the police picked him up later that day.

The defendant had no prior criminal record. The section of the criminal code titled “Disobedience of lawful orders”, under which he was charged states that “any person who willfully disobeys any order, warrant or command duly made, issued or given by any court, officer or person acting in any public capacity and duly authorized in that behalf, is guilty of an offence and liable to imprisonment for two years.”

Creese will therefore spend three months behind bars.