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What ‘Silky’ does after hours is none of my business – Joshua

What ‘Silky’ does after hours is none of my business – Joshua
Left to Right : Bertille ‘Silky’ DaSilva & EUNICE DOWERS


The general manager at Star Garage has indicated that he is not aware of a relationship between his uncle Bertille ‘Silky’ DaSilva (Managing Director of the Garage) and former employee Eunice Dowers who has 55 charges in relation to unlawful use of the Garage’s credit cards and cheque books.

Previously, the court had heard testimony from Bertille denying that Dowers was his lover, although admitting that he did take her to the spa, that she visited his house several times a week, she was allowed to use his kitchen to cook food, and that he helped her to buy a used fridge.

The defence, led by lawyer Grant Connell, is suggesting that DaSilva and Dowers, a married woman, were lovers and that she had been given permission to use his credit card as a result.

The trial regarding the offences, allegedly committed between August 1, 2018, and January 31, 2019, was supposed to take place over three days last week, but the process ended up being more lengthy than predicted.

Joshua DaSilva, general manager at Star Garage, was first called on Friday, January 10, and cross examined this Tuesday.

One of the focuses of the long examination was whether he knew of the alleged relationship.

Connell asked the manager, “You were aware that your uncle was giving the defendant money?” to which he replied that he was not.

“Is it the usual practice of Directors such as yourself to carry secretaries and employees to the spa… At Belair or any other place?” the lawyer asked him, to which he responded that this was “not an occurrence.”

Additionally, the lawyer questioned whether the general manager knew that ‘Silky’ had carried Dowers to the spa.

“Why are you asking me this? Ask her husband, really and truly. She’s a married woman, that’s none of my business,” was the response.

Crown counsel Rose-Ann Richardson also rose to object, saying that the witness already said he wasn’t aware, and that she failed to see the relevance.

Connell stated that it was clear as day that it was to show that the witness did not know of the relationship “which would allow the behaviour with the cards.”

He continued, “I want to suggest to you that Bertille ‘Silky’ DaSilva was in a relationship with this young lady. I want to suggest that to you.”

The director said that he did not agree.

The lawyer also went on to suggest to Joshua that ‘Silky’ sent Dowers to fitness program “BeFit” to slim down, and that they went to the party “Wet” hosted by BeFit together, Bertille having dressed her from head to toe.

He said he never knew about Wet, and that he was not aware of this.

“What Silky DaSilva do after four o’clock is none of my business. Star Garage is my business and not Bertille DaSilva’s business after four,” the general manager retorted.

It was suggested to him that Star Garage sponsored “Wet” at Dowers behest, but the witness said this does not show up on the garage’s records.