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Vincentian duo awaiting extradition hearing out on bail

Vincentian duo awaiting  extradition hearing out on bail
Anlee Parsons (left) and Hyah Browne being escorted by a police officer


Two Vincentians awaiting an extradition hearing to determine whether they should be deported to Grenada to be charged with the robbery of a credit union in Carriacou, have been granted bail.

Anlee Parsons, and Hyah Browne, represented by attorney Grant Connell gained freedom following the submission by their lawyer of an affidavit before the Serious Offences Court this week.

SEARCHLIGHT understands that there is contention expressed about the CCTV footage captured outside the Grenada Union of Teachers Credit Union (GUTCU) which authorities are claiming shows Parsons and Browne.

Additionally, it is said that there is also evidence that Browne, who works at the Central Sewage and Water Authority(CWSA), and Parsons, who works with a contractor, were signed in to work on the day of the robbery, October 11, 2019.

On Tuesday, November 12, Chief Magistrate Rechanne Browne asked Senior Prosecutor Adolphus Delplesche if he had any objection to the bail application.

Delplesche’s answer to this was no.

The chief magistrate commented that there were some interesting issues highlighted in the affidavit, but did not elaborate.

She set bail in the amount of $3000 with one surety, and ordered that the two Carriere residents report to the Mesopotamia police station every Monday, between 6am and 6pm.

They are to surrender their passports, and Identification Cards to the court.

In the interim, the prosecution awaits documents pending from Grenada for the extradition hearing on December 10.

Arrest warrants were issued in Grenada for Browne and Parsons before they were picked up by police on October 25. After being taken into custody, the duo were brought to court and had been on remand since, awaiting the extradition hearing.

The robbery of the GUTCU has shaken the usually peaceful Carriacou, “The Grenada Informer” reports.

The publication noted that, according to “lawmen” two men walked into the credit union on the said date, one armed with a gun. The men demanded money, after leading the workers to the back of the building, and putting a gun to the head of the security guard to lead him somewhere inside of the building.

Money was stacked into a bag. The amount which the two robbers who entered the GUTCU that day stole is $26,205.60, according to the charge that may be put to the two men.

The Grenada informer noted that there was a getaway vehicle awaiting the robbers, and the alleged driver of this vehicle has been charged with conspiracy to rob.