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$40,000 bail for cannabis charges

$40,000 bail for  cannabis charges
Cushalee Cozier


A 23-year-old is now facing three charges alleging she tried to export 36 pounds of cannabis through the Argyle International Airport(AIA) last week Wednesday.

Cushalee Cozier, of Richmond Hill, was brought to the Serious Offences Court last Thursday.

She was charged that, on October 30, at the AIA, she was in possession of 16,439g (36.24lbs) of cannabis with intent to supply.

In addition, she must answer to the charges of possessing the drug with the intent to export it, and having it for the purpose of drug trafficking.

Cozier maintained her innocence, and was allowed bail in the sum of $40,000, with one surety. Attached to her bail are reporting conditions, every week, to the Central Police Station. Her travel documents were taken away from her, and stop notices are placed at all ports of entry and exit.

The matter has been adjourned to November 28.