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Trespassing accused says he was just sweet talking school girl

Trespassing accused says he was just sweet talking school girl


A man who has been charged with trespassing onto a female secondary school student’s property allegedly to intimidate her, has claimed that he was doing nothing more than sweet talking her.

Shaphiel Moore of South Rivers/New Montrose is facing a charge that he did, on September 29, enter the property of a girl of New Montrose with the intent to intimidate her.

Moore told Chief Magistrate Rechanne Browne on October 22 that he was guilty of the offence, but after the facts were heard, and it was time for the defendant to speak in his mitigation, he instead put up a defence.

Among those things that he said, Moore claimed that he trespassed onto the property, but the property is one that he has informal familial ties to.

According to the defendant, the girl is still going to secondary school, and although he’s also young, what happened that night was not as what was said.

“I did start a conversation with she, telling she that she’s a nice girl,” he said, but that he did not, as the claim states, mention pulling a gun on her.

“I swear pon mi life my worship,” he said.

He also said other things that seemed to suggest his innocence.

Therefore, a not guilty plea was entered, and bail was allowed in the sum of $1500 with on surety. The matter was transferred to the Kingstown Magistrate’s Court, to be heard on December 10.

“My worship I swear to you, I ain go up there and threaten she you know?” he stated.

The magistrate told him that they were going to have a trial.