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‘I no longer love her’

‘I no longer love her’
Desmond Horne


Desmond Horne, a man who on August 13 told the Kingstown Magistrate Court that he was still in love with a woman who had wounded him, says this is no longer the case.

Horne visited SEARCHLIGHT on Wednesday, September 11 and said he regrets having ever met the woman and he would like persons to know this.

On August 13, Marian Ghent/Browne, Horne’s former girlfriend of two years, admitted that she unlawfully and maliciously wounded him on August 9 at Sally Spring.

The incident took place at Ghent’s daughter’s home, where Horne was hanging out. The two weren’t speaking to each other at the time, but Horne was complaining to Ghent’s daughter’s boyfriend about something that happened between him and Ghent. In the midst of this, Ghent threw an unidentified liquid on Horne, who then went outside to wash the liquid from his eyes. While washing his face, Ghent took a piece of board and struck him on his head, causing him to bleed.

During the court session, Horne asked Senior Magistrate Rickie Burnett to imprison his 51-year-old ex-girlfriend. The 45-year-old man commented, “I still love her, I don’t fraid to say so, but, to get out the ‘ignorantness’…”.

But on Wednesday, Horne said that he no longer loves Ghent but persons are still saying things about him so he would like to set the record straight.

“She make me get read out the church and thing so I done with she for good now. I don’t want to have anything to do with that lady in life again never,” said Horne.

It was noted that on September 10, Horne was served with a protection order which was instigated by Ghent. The order claims that on August 13, the day of the duo’s court appearance, certain things happened between her and Horne.

But Horne said that on the day of the case, he only saw Ghent in court, and he hasn’t interacted with her since the court matter so he has no idea about what the incident the protection order describes.

The incidents in the protection order are similar to the ones that Ghent told the court had happened on August 9.

“I haven’t seen her and don’t want to,” Horne stressed while adding that he does not understand why a protection order was issued stating these things.

Ghent is currently bonded in the sum of $1500, for one year. If she breaches this bond and does not pay the sum, she will spend three months in prison.

After the sentence, Horne’s interpretation was that the bond would prevent him from seeing Ghent for a year, and commented that was a “hard one”, but now he says he is fully over her.

“If she is all the woman I can get, I rather do without a lady and I mean it to my heart,” he told SEARCHLIGHT.